What makes Peter a bad person? lovebeatlesdo

If this question is in reference to this post, we’d just like to state that we do not write or make the confessions that are posted here. People send them in and the confessions represent the submitter’s own opinions or thoughts, so we cannot speak for them.

That being said…it is our opinion that the submitter of that particular confession was not saying that Peter is a bad person. They were speaking of their own experiences and conclusions they’d drawn as a result of those experiences. In the two or so years since we started monkeesconfessions, no one has ever sent in a confession with a general statement such as, “[Monkee] is a bad person.” And while we do have a policy of not posting confessions that out-and-out bash any of the Monkees or any specific fans, the confession in question respectfully voiced an opinion and would not be considered bashing.

The simple fact is, none of the Monkees are bad people, by any stretch of the imagination. But they are human, and therefore flawed, and so some of the confessions that fans send in bring up/address some of these flaws. We’d ultimately urge fans to decide for themselves if they think one of the Monkees is a bad person, and—as previously stated—we do not write the confessions and therefore cannot speak for the confession submitters here. 



Monkees Confessions: Mod Post

Hello, all! Just a friendly little note from Monkees Confessions in regard to submissions. Clear guidelines for acceptable submissions are laid out on the Submit A Confession page, which everyone should be sure to check out before submitting.

In particular, please note that text only submissions will not be posted. All submissions should be in the form of text pasted onto a picture. This can be done using programs such as MS Paint, ImageReady, Photoshop, Picasa, Gimp, or whatever you may find best suits your graphic-making needs. Here is an example of what a correctly submitted confession might look like:  

To make a confession in one of the above programs, simply take any Monkee photo you have, use the Text tool (usually a little icon with the letter “A” in it) to add text, type your text, and then save your confession. Presto! You’re done.

Please also try to make the text on the photos as legible as possible. Oftentimes, confessions are sent in with fonts in blinding colors or with the type so small or arranged in such a way that it becomes extremely difficult to read, which therefore makes MC far less inclined to post those submissions.

Finally, MC has an Ask box, but please note that this is not the appropriate place to submit a confession. Questions or comments related to Monkees Confessions are welcome here, but if you send in a confession to the Ask, it will not be posted.

Thanks so much everyone, and MC is excited to see more of your great Monkees confessions!


would you be able to post the picture from this post without the caption, if it isn't a bother?:-) /post/72749428305 Anonymous

Hahah. Thanks, Anon! Not every Monkees confession has to be sexual, of course, but we made up those examples just to show people they don’t have to be afraid to submit sexual confessions to this Tumblr. Plus, the sexual confessions tend to be a bit more interesting and juicy than non-sexual ones! But we of course welcome non-sexual submissions, too. 

Just wanted to say that I love your blog and you are doing a great job!!! Anonymous

:D Thank you, Anon! We’ve been very fortunate in that people are continuing to send us such great submissions, and we’re just happy that you all are enjoying MonkeesConfessions so thoroughly. Very much appreciated!

I was the creator/first moderator of the Monkees Secrets LJ Page. I loved that comm and I wish serious personal issues hadn't gotten in the way of keeping it going (although I did find a really awesome new mod who kept at it for some time after I left LJ, and I'm eternally grateful to them). I'm so glad this tumblr exists and so gratified that someone else wanted to keep my concept going. Thank you so much. Anonymous


Aww…thank you! This really means a lot. We (there are two of us who moderate this Tumblr) enjoyed the Monkees Secrets LJ quite a bit and were bummed out when it stopped being updated. There seemed to be a bit of a void on Tumblr with Monkees-related secrets, so we decided to give it a whirl. You’ve inspired quite a few things that we do, including the icon that we use (it’s actually a cropped version of the photo you had for your banner). In fact, when we first started this Tumblr, we reposted a few of the old secrets from your comm (funny and/or juicy ones, like the woman who had an encounter with Micky in 1976 and bit him on the neck and he loved it). It helped to get the ball rolling, and now (as you can see), we get a pretty steady flow of submissions.

So thank YOU very much for laying the groundwork for this Tumblr and being our inspiration, and for this lovely message that you sent. You are awesome! :)

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